Site Vendor

John Francis

“These guys are easy to deal with. They talk straight and follow through on their promises. Our property sale was subject to Wallum Partners getting development approval from Council which they did without fuss. They kept me up to speed on the progress at Council and when payment was due it landed in our account. We’ve sold a few development sites over the years and these are the type of guys we like selling to.”


Westpac Banking Corporation

“As project financiers we have worked closely with both David Solomon and Marcel Russ throughout the development of their project. We also work with these gentlemen in capacity as lender for their pipeline of development projects and can confirm that project delivery has occurred without incident and without cost overruns. These are the type of customers the bank seeks out to do business with. Both Mr Russ and Mr Solomon have been honest and straightforward in all their dealings with us and have proven to be highly capable of delivering quality townhouses to the market.”

Thynne + Macartney

Sue Maxwell (Partner)

“Thynne + Macartney has provided legal advice to the directors of Wallum Partners for over a decade. Together, we have worked on numerous property transactions and development projects in Queensland. During this time, I have found these gentlemen to be professional, courteous and honest.”

Residential Buyer

S & A Clement

“Our off the plan purchase has been a great experience. The use of quality materials internally and externally is evident and the workmanship is outstanding. Moving through the living spaces and bedrooms revealed exceptional design, it is a lovely home. High quality appliances and fittings are everywhere and work well with the colour scheme. The attention to detail is impressive from the lighting to the landscaping and also in the communal areas. The pool area is especially lovely with the limestone tiles and carefully planted landscaping. The developer made everything easy and I will definitely be buying a second property from them.”

Residential Buyer

J Batista

“The developer made us promises and delivered on all of them. Ongoing support after settlement has been excellent.”

Site Vendor

Col Ivey

“We sold our family home on acreage to Marcel Russ after our children had grown up and moved out. It was an emotional time but Marcel and the team were professional, honest and good to deal with. We remained living there whilst they worked on a development approval through council which at times was difficult due to certain neighbours, but the developers got it all over the line. After the sale had gone though, the guys allowed us to remain living in the home rent free while we decided on buying a new home. In my experience, these are decent gentlemen to deal with.”

Residential Buyer

A Hardwick

“The quality of the construction and internal finish is outstanding. The developer has provided a great investment for me.”

Architectural Firm

Fender Katsalidis

“We have collaborated with David Solomon and the team from Wallum Partners on landmark award-winning projects, and we have always been impressed by the absolute commitment to quality and great design. David brings an intense focus to the fine details that elevate projects to the extraordinary. We wish you all the best for the future, and look forward to the opportunity to work together on some new projects.”

Site Vendor

Barbara Eversen

“I sold my home to Wallum Partners and they acquired a neighbouring property also. It was a tough decision to sell, but the guys were honest with me in all their dealings.
They kept me informed of progress at Council while they got the necessary approvals in place to enable settlement. It was hard to think of my home as a development site, but in the end, development was going on all around me and it made sense to sell. I’m glad I sold it to Wallum Partners. Years after the sale of my home, they even gave me valuable advice on the sale of another commercial property I owned. I would highly recommend dealing with these developers if you are selling.”